Thriving on a Good Book – The Pathfinder Trilogy

The Pathfinder trilogy, consisting of Pathfinder, Ruins and Visitors.  I trust you noticed the complete lack of an Oxford comma anywhere in that first sentence?

I read this trilogy from ’13-’15 and I have to say, they were a refreshingly cool drink in the midst of YA novels where feelingz, emotions and stupidity produce llama-drama in spades. Rigg, the main character starts out as a very young man on his own and has to figure things out. But he doesn’t whine, he doesn’t obsess and he doesn’t go girl crazy.  He stops, he thinks, he plans. In many ways, he is a return to form that Heinlen popularized with his juvenile novels; the capable young male who can handle what life throw at him.

Card also explores Time Travel, as best he can. A good bit I found tedious and tended to skip over but when I did dip my toes into the conversations, they made sense to me. I suspect Card spent some time thinking out what could happen before actually writing any of this.

I decided to add this trilogy to my Thrive series of posts because I thrive on characters that can think, not just react. Rigg is not a perfect character and he makes mistakes. But he doesn’t make stupid mistakes just so the author can use them to further the plot. He makes mistakes because he doesn’t know enough or because someone smarter than him is opposing him. I thrive on capable characters, characters I wanted to be when I was a teen and the kind of character that will mature into the kind of man I want to be now.

While the trilogy is complete, it would be nice if Card were to write another trilogy in this universe. However, I don’t see that happening and overall I’m pleased enough with how everything turned out to be satisfied. Further books might ruin things.

Highly recommended.


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Thriving, baby!



Thriving on a Good Book – The Grimnoir Chronicles


Yep, the Grimnoir Chronicles, consisting of 3 novels, one prequel short story and one sequel short story. I feel like I’m almost cheating by using a series, but considering they are a true trilogy telling one story it would just drag things out too long to do each book as its own post.

On the surface, these would appear to be everything I hate. Hard boiled Noir, Urban fantasy, 1930’s or ’40’s. I don’t like any of those categories and yet Correia tells a story that absolutely sucked me in and convinced me to buy these in hardcover. In fact, I like them enough that I pre-ordered some Limited Edition Hardcovers from Vault Books back in 2017.  Once I actually get the books I’ll be posting pix and telling THAT particular cock up of a story.  But the here and now is that I LIKE these books a LOT.

I added this to my Thrive list because of the main character. Jake Sullivan is a heavy, someone who can make themselves wicked heavy or light, basically playing around with how gravity affects them. He’s considered a thug but has a very smart mind,  a bull dog’s determination and a very strong moral compass. He is just the kind of main character I like to read about.  It also helps that Correia throws in some great bad guys and even a “frenemy” that works too. Add a dash of Eldrich Horror and wham, you have a series that I can eat up with a spoon.

I read these back in 2012-13 and while Correia has written that he’ll eventually do another trilogy set in this universe, I don’t expect anything remotely soon. That being the case, I’ll just have to settle for a re-read and bump up the star rating. Some things do get better over time.

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Thriving baby!



Thriving on a Good Book – Way-Farer



Kensho #1

Dennis Schmidt


I pretty much went over just what I found so appealing with this book in the above link from 2016.  However, I am always up for talking about this book, so prepare for some fanboy’ing ahead.


Way-Farer is probably in my Top 10 Favorite books. That being said, I also consider it to be the turkey hotdog of books. By that, I mean that it will offend the literary Vegans AND the literary Steak Experts. I like Classics and such authors as Dickens, Tolstoy, etc. In that regards, you can call me Mr Vegan. On the other hand, authors such as Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson know how to grill up a fantastic fantasy steak so thick and juicy that you can barely fit it in your mouth. This, this is 277 pages of science fiction from the early 1980’s. Gauche AND underwhelming to either side of me.

So how did I come to consider this a Thrive book?  Honestly, pure happenstance. It filled a particular need at a particular time and lodged deep within my soul. I was a teen just realizing how big the world was and wondering how I could ever grow up in it. Jerome, the main character here,  was a young man on a Heroic Quest and I could pretend that I was him. I resonated with the boy that Jerome was in the beginning of the book and as I read and saw his journey to manhood, I wanted that too. Now, I didn’t really want to go on a mountain and get beaten up day after day by an old man,  but I did want that calm assurance that Jerome has by the end of the book.

Now, 25+ years later after the first time that I read this, I feel like have arrived there. Back then, I identified with Jerome the novice. Now, I identify with Jerome the Master swordsman. And that change, that visible maturation, is why I love this book so much. I STILL IDENTIFY WITH THIS BOOK!  It has been a measuring stick through the years for me and I can’t honestly say that about almost any other book.

I thrived on this book back then and I thrive on it today. Mission Accomplished!


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Thriving Baby!



Surviving a Bad Book – Sword of the Archon


Sword of the Archon by D.P. Prior

1/2 Star







So, this book. I wasn’t really on WP when I wrote this review in ’14, but over on Booklikes. I was just crossposting all over so I wouldn’t lose any reviews or be silenced. It was not a good read for me and the author, who I’m guessing had a search algorithm going for mentions of him or his books, came over and commented. That wasn’t so cool but since I wasn’t using WP as my main platform, I just let it go. I’m not sure if Prior even left any follow up comments.

However. Ahhh, yes, that “However”, don’t you just love them?

Hippo Mafioso LOVES “howevers”, especially if kneecaps are involved…


However, one of his fans couldn’t let things stand, because obviously I was an evil demon sent directly from hell to destroy their beloved author’s reputation and life itself. Since I wasn’t on GR, said fan couldn’t stir up the hordes of ignorant idiots, so they resorted to commenting on the WordPress review. And they left page long comments. Showing how I was wrong, how I was destroying Prior, blah, blah, blah.

For weeks.


That was when I became very familiar with comment moderation and turned it on. I turned it on then and would just delete comments from that poster when I saw them come up. But it kept on going. So then I just turned comments off altogether and ended up forgetting I had done that, which is why there are a significant amount of reviews on here that don’t allow comments. That’s the kind of thing that’ll get fixed in my little Blog Under Construction project.

It still boggles my mind that another person can invest such energy into such a pointless exercise. Did that commenter think I was suddenly going to change my mind? Did they live in a world where nothing bad was ever said or negativity didn’t exist? That couldn’t be the case because of the rape scene in the book that they were so vociferously defending. And why do “I” draw in those kind of people for my reviews? I mean, they left comments for WEEKS! Who even thinks that way? Sigh. Must have been a Pig Ignorant Euro-snob *wink*

And there you have it, another book, author and rabid fan that I survived. This is the tenth post in this series and you know, I’m beginning to really wonder if there is something wrong with me. Do any of you have stories like this? Because one or two or even three I could see. You just can’t interact with people for 18 years and not have bad experiences, but this many? Which leads into my next paragraph nicely.

I’m getting tired of posting about all the bad experiences I’ve had with books, authors and fans. So I’m going to start another series of posts where I focus on the good experiences, kind of like my Favorite Books series but just one book at a time. Probably going to call it Thriving on a Good Book, and see how that works.

Thriving Baby!


Mattries suggested that I not give up this series of posts altogether though, so I’m thinking I’ll probably do a 2 or 3 to 1 ratio of Thrive to Survive posts. I think I can handle that. Cheers!


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