Vang: The Military Form (Vang #1) ★★★✬☆

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Title: Vang: The Military Form
Series: Vang #1
Author: Christopher Rowley
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 229
Words: 99.5K

A good re-read. I am pretty happy with how this went, even though I took it down half a star from when I read it in 2010.

It starts out slow and I initially thought “Oh good, this is some good setup”. But then the setup kept going and going and it wasn’t until almost the 50% mark that the Vang even shows up. It is just ONE Military Form and it still manages to take over a planet in about 24-48hrs. It comes thiiiiiiis close to getting loose into the galaxy at large too * hold finger and thumb a hairs width apart *

While I was happy it was defeated, it wasn’t very satisfactory. It has genetic directives and they take over and so it has to make a politician Vang and that of course that just ruins everything. The world is cleansed with nuclear fire by the Human Space Armada and the Military Form pretty much just has to sit there and take it. Sucks to be him!

This used to be a favorite of mine but now I think this is the final fling I will be having with it. Farewell Vang, you’re just not what I’m looking for in a book anymore. But don’t worry, it’s all you, so that way you don’t have to feel guilty that I changed on you. You were just not quite good enough but I wasn’t mature enough to realize it.

Sucks to be the Vang, hahahahaha!



The Vang #3
Christopher Rowley
Epub-277 pages
2 Stars

the human race meets the Lowan, and become enslaved. One human hooks up with a resistance group and they find the Starhammer. An ancient weapon meant to fight the Vang, it destroys stars at a time. Ends rather abruptly with the humans dictating terms to the Lowan.

A book in the Vang series. However, has almost nothing to do with the Vang. A story about how the humans were enslaved and then freed from the Lowan. To much Lowan, not NEARLY enough Vang.

Vang: The Battlemaster

Vang: The Battlemaster
Vang #2
Christopher Rowley
2 Stars
epub, 215 pages

2000 years after The Military Form. Another Vang is found, this time a battlemaster.

Sadly, this book was not nearly as engaging or exciting to read. The battlemaster was obsessed with getting back to its homeworld instead of taking over human space. Once there, and it realized the Axon-Neurone time was over, it just gave up.

Not much fun reading about an alien that just makes diversions so it can go home to die. Pooh.

Vang: The Military Form

Vang: The Military Form
Vang #1
Christopher Rowley
4 Stars
Epub, 228 pages

an ancient alien lifeform is recovered from space and ends up taking over a world, which is then nuked to prevent it taking over other planets.

This was how “Alien” should have been. Alien lifeform takes over humans and changes them to ultimate warriors and spreads like wildfire. Very violent, lots of fighting, lots of people writhing in agony while being taken over. Just as good as I remember from back in junior/highschool.